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Helping investors develop breakthrough leaders and build high-performing teams in their companies

We serve investors who see the opportunity in the individuals that lead their portfolio companies, but have trouble focusing and measuring their growth. We work with investors who believe that unlocking talent is a key part of scaling their companies, but struggle to give leaders enough of their time and mentorship to reach full potential.

Talent matters more than ever. In the business world, the quality of the leadership team taken to market is the single biggest predictor of success. In private equity, it's a key part of the investment diligence and thesis. Talent is also the single most important factor for venture investment, bigger than business model, bigger than addressable market.

We're here to help venture capital firms, angel investors, search funds, and private equity firms realize their portfolio teams' full capacity and operate at the highest levels of performance. Our approach is research-driven and leverages insights from the military, corporate leadership, top-tier strategy consulting, and entrepreneurship.

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Our objective is to unlock the capabilities already inside the team and nurture its growth into its maximum potential. Each individual is different, just like each team is different, but what really matters is how it all comes together. Our approach isn’t a one-size-fits all, it’s personalized and co-created with the end goal in mind. We serve our clients in leadership assessments, executive performance coaching, and facilitated team development.

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We use a proprietary, research-backed assessment called Compass360. The Compass 360 offers a holistic view of leadership, taking into account both self-assessment and broad peer input. This creates a high-touch, data-driven starting point for leadership selection and development.

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Our style of coaching can be challenging and uncomfortable, but it is rich and rewarding. We work with senior leaders and investors to co-create a targeted and measurable plan for growth. The goal of coaching is goal-oriented, but based on each leader's unique strengths and potential.

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We work with teams to clarify their core goals, align them to the overall company strategy, and rigorously create norms that support effective and motivating work. We support teams in developing the core skills that create inclusion, communication, and breakthrough performance.

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360-degree leadership assessment tool

Do you want to get a clearer view of your leaders' strengths and growth edges? The Compass360 is a starting point for personal and professional growth, as well as a baseline to measure progress on what matters.

The Compass360 offers a comprehensive, holistic view of leadership, taking into account both self-assessment and the input of others. This isn't your normal, off-the-shelf assessment. This is a high-touch approach backed by research to create a crystal-clear window into growth opportunities. This is a data-driven starting point for a tailored personal development roadmap.

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The final Compass360 output is an entry point into deeper awareness and growth. It offers nine key insights, including how leaders rate themselves, how others rate them, the variance and range, complementary traits, shadow traits (potential "superpowers"), and more.


The Compass360 assesses leadership in four domains, separating intrinsics from behaviors and task-oriented versus team-oriented styles. This structure offers immediate awareness on leadership strengths and gaps, a data-driven entry point into coaching and growth work, and a baseline to measure change and progress.

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Compass360 is built on primary and secondary research, calibrated by real-world input. To execute the Compass360, the process begins with identifying at least 10 respondents, launching the online survey, and finally conducting targeted one-on-one interviews to round out feedback and deepen relevant themes.

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Director and Lead Coach

Jason is an executive coach who has served a wide range of high-potential leaders, including CEOs, founders, executives, professional athletes, recording artists, and special forces commanders. He works with funded startups and small-to mid-size companies, as well as high-net-worth individuals. In addition to 1:1 development, Jason also leads CEO peer groups and works with groups on themes of high-performing teams and breakthrough leadership.

Visit his personal coaching site at

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